Ravi Thermal System

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Welcome to “Ravi Thermal System” – Specialist in Solar Thermal System development, Production and distribution since 1994.We specialize in bringing new and innovating solar thermal products to market such as Solar Water Heaters, Solar Collectors, Solar Panels, And Allied Accessories....

Solar Water Heater

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We manufacture our products..

Solar Water Heaters are a great alternative to electric water heaters as they use a renewable form of energy, solar energy. We encourage the use and production of the same and can provide the whole heater or various parts involved.....

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Hybrid system to enhance the temperature upto 120 degree


10KW Grid tied rooftop systems


Off grid PV system

Solar Lantern

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Advantages of solar Lantern...

  • Solar Lantern are best for remote areas
  • Extends the Working day in rural areas
  • Improves Health issues
  • Improves Fire-Reduction
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