Ravi Thermal System

Products Offered :

1. Solar Water Heater

2. Solar Lantern


Solar Water Heater

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Solar Water Heaters are a great alternative to electric water heaters as they use a renewable form of energy, solar energy. We encourage the use and production of the same and can provide the whole heater or various parts involved in manufacturing of solar heaters.

Solar Water Heater – Applications

Domestic: Flats, Bungalows and Apartments.
Commercial: Hotels, Hospitals, Hostels and Dormitories.
Industrial: Process Industries, Preheating boiler feed water.

In domestic sector, hot water is used for bathing, washing of clothes & utensils etc. The requirement may, however, vary with the season of the year & number of family members. Our experience says that on an average 30 to 35 litres of water at 50 to 55º C. is consumed by an individual. Thus for a family of 4 members, 125 LPD Solar Water Heating System is quite sufficient.

In commercial & industrial sectors, where large quantity of water is required at fairly high temperature, ''Ravi Thermal System'' are designed to meet the above requirement. Depending on the distribution pattern of hot water, the system could be either modular or a big capacity single tank system.

Solar Lantern

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We manufacture and supply Solar Lanterns, for our esteemed clients. The Solar Lanterns are equipped with 10 / 12 WP solar module, 7 watt CFL, ABS body and a 12v 7 ah sealed battery.
The Solar Lanterns are suitable for remote areas and can be carried anywhere after charging. It runs 3 to 4 hrs daily and 8 hrs from full charge to full discharge.